contemporary music


noisy triptych (2016)

 for noises and various instruments


so far away and hidden.. Libera Me (2016)

 for flutes (flute/piccolo), clarinets (Bb clarinet/bass clarinet), percussions, piano, violin and cello

pa dynged ddall (2015)

 for harpsichord and accordion

sire.. siamo ad ovest di un respiro (2014)

 for two flutes


in exilium... in Thebae (2014)

 for clarinet and strings orchestra (flute and timpani added)


stunned by Maud's blue eyes (2014)

 for flute and strings orchestra (clarinet and timpani added)

xen Ctro (2013)

 for toy piano


...qual cieco fato! (2013)

 for three accordions

remember.. no march in March! (2011)

 for euphonium and piano


of for four? (2011)

 for four percussions


eight microludes traveling on a binary system (2011)

 for violin, bass clarinet and piano


150 passi fra i sassi (2011)

 for oboe, bass clarinet, tenor sax, bassoon, D trumpet, percussions, piano, viola and doublebass

ogni cinquanta, a Torino (2010)

 for strings quartet and piano


IMO (imho) (2010)

 for bass flute, bass clarinet, percussions, piano, viola and cello

may I really ask you a tango? (2009)

 for accordion, piano, violin and cello