Vincitore dell' "Old Hispanic Office Composition Competition" (Marzo 2016), organizzato dall'Università di Bristol, con il brano so far away and hidden.. Libera Me 
(flauto, clarinetto basso, percussioni, pianoforte, violino, violoncello).

Commissione di un brano per il Kokoro Ensemble (Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra), eseguito il 5 febbraio 2017, presso l'Auditorium delle Victoria Rooms.



Winner of "Old Hispanic Office Composition Competition" (March 2016), promoted and organized by Bristol University, with the work  "So far away and hidden.. Libera Me" (flute, bass clarinet, percussions, piano, violin, cello).

Commission of a work for Kokoro Ensemble (Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra), that has been performed in February 2017 at the Auditorium of Victoria Rooms.


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Dies mei

A responsory sung in the Old Hispanic liturgy during the washing of the body (text from Job 17: 11, 14 and 3)

"My days have passed away, my thoughts are dissipated. I have said to rottenness: you are my father; to worms: you are my mother and my sister. Deliver me, Lord, and set me beside you."


University of Bristol
Schola Cantorum 
(directed by Emma Hornby)
Live concert recording