I saw Cage out of the cage! (2012)

for ten toy pianos



The work is intended for an ensemble composed of non-professional players with a limited amount of practice. The most challenging part is assigned to the toy piano 5, either for the difficulty of the performance and because the musician has to perform the incipits of each movement and then to propose to the whole ensemble metronomic correct tempos. For this reason, the execution doesn’t need, however, a director

The four movements have to be played in sequence, with no interruptions between one movement and the other. The first movement provides for the presence of an executor associated with the toy piano 5. Gradually, with the advance of the work, the musicians take place, as shown below. Naturally, the players have to sit down to their stations silently, taking into account the time required to reach the instruments and take positions, so as to be ready to perform theirs parts at the appropriate time



extracts from score

2012-01-i-saw-cage-score-01 2012-01-i-saw-cage-score-02 2012-01-i-saw-cage-score-03