two works for PerosiEnsemble (2015)

for strings orchestra



  • navarra op. 33   (pablo de sarasate)
  • air norvégien   (johan halvorsen)


Virtuosos violinists Paolo Tagliamento and Fabiola Tedesco perform one of the most wonderful Sarasate's showpieces, Navarra per due violini op. 33 in a special edition with PerosiEnsemble string orchestra (Biella)

Teatro Sociale Villani di Biella - 9 ottobre 2015



extracts from scores

2015-03-perosi-ensemble-score-01 2015-03-perosi-ensemble-score-02 2015-03-perosi-ensemble-score-03 2015-03-perosi-ensemble-score-04 2015-03-perosi-ensemble-score-05 2015-03-perosi-ensemble-score-06 2015-03-perosi-ensemble-score-07 2015-03-perosi-ensemble-score-08 2015-03-perosi-ensemble-score-09 2015-03-perosi-ensemble-score-10 2015-03-perosi-ensemble-score-11 2015-03-perosi-ensemble-score-12